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Small Business Forum

Tens of thousands of business leaders around the world rely upon executive small business forums, advisory boards and personal coaches to make better decisions for better business and better lives.

The Pikesville Owings Mills Regional Chamber would like to show you how this process can help you to:
~ Create YOUR Vision
~ Define and understand the issues
~ Collaborate and uncover solutions
~ Make strong decisions
~ Become accountable for your decisions
~ Learn to execute your decisions
~ Review the outcomes

Why Should You Participate in The Pikesville Owings Mills Regional Chamber (POM Chamber) Small Business Forum? 

The Small Business Forum can provide you with your own “private board.”  The opportunity for confidential discussions with a diverse group of leaders of non-competing businesses will improve your problem solving skills and issue processing.

Experience educational programming from “thought leaders” to broaden your business horizons and enhance your leadership skills.  The POM Chamber Small Business Forum also provides a unique networking opportunities only available to small, intimate groups who share their insights with one another.

About the Facilitator
Allan Hirsh, executive leadership advisor and host of “AHA Business Radio,” has partnered with The POM Chamber to introduce and guide you through the beneficial practice of participating in an executive forum.

Allan is an experience business owner, CEO, entrepreneur and a community leader with a passion for strengthening and growing organizations and developing leaders.

He created Allan Hirsh Advisors with a mission to help business owners/CEOs become better leaders, better decision-makers and achieve profitable growth for their businesses.

Together, Allan and The POM Chamber is offering this opportunity to discover how the Forum can benefit you!

If you opt to formally join the Small Business Forum, you will attend monthly meetings with non-competing business leaders.