Executive Director Message

A Message from the President & Executive Director

Executive Director

With social media keeping us all “connected”, some ask, what’s the purpose of a Chamber of Commerce?

Business, Community, Advocacy & Resources – that is what The Pikesville Chamber of Commerce is all about. Connecting business to consumers and to each other. Serving the community with unique events and contributions. Coordinating access to our elected officials. Providing valuable information and expertise to our community. You should care about us. Because we care about you and making Pikesville the very best place to live, work and shop.

One of the most important services the Pikesville Chamber of Commerce provides our members and the community is this business directory.  This directory is utilized by hundreds of members, visitors to the area and residents of our community as a resource for local quality businesses.  The guide features important information about the Chamber and its events, as well as a complete listing of all Chamber members by category and alphabetically. We invite you to read through and support your neighbor!

If you value Pikesville as much as we do, we ask that you support our members, attend our events and continue to contribute to making this a vibrant community.

We can’t do it without you.

Oh, and if social media is your way to connect, don’t worry, we’re there too! Check us out on Facebook, LinkedIn and online at www.pikesvillechamber.org

Hope to see you around town!

Executive Director

Jessica Normington