Adopt a Family

The Pikesville Owings Mills Regional Chamber of Commerce has adopted two families for this holiday season.

Please feel free to donate anything listed below, gift cards or you can simply click the donate button above and we will be sure they get all that they need for this holiday season. Thank you in advance!!


Family #1 (Milbrook Elementary)

(Single Mom)

Male Child, Age 6. Clothing size 6-7, shoes size 1

Male Child, Age 10. Clothing size 8-9, shoes size 1


Family #2 (Bedford Elementary)

Grandmother and Grandfather

Grown Son/Uncle

Female Child, Age 7. Clothing size 8-10, shoes 2, 2 ½


Note: Bedford student is currently living with her grandparents temporarily. She and her mother reside in North Carolina, and their home was severely damaged by flooding, and the first floor is currently covered in mold. Her mom stayed behind in North Carolina in order to be able to work, and to be available in the event that builders are able to begin repairing some of their home’s damage. She is being cared for by her maternal grandmother here in Pikesville in the interim; Mom will be coming up to visit for Christmas week. I’m not sure if it would be possible to also obtain a gift card or gift certificate for mom to be able to replenish some of her own clothing as well. I know they’ve gone through a tremendous amount over the past few months and have lost a lot, so I figured I would ask.