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About Owings Mills

Owings Mills is recognized as an unincorporated area located in Baltimore County. It’s a suburb of the city of Baltimore.


In approximately 1700, pioneers arrived in the area of Owings Mills. Samuel Owings constructed three mills near Gwynn’s Falls. One of the mills was utilized for grinding flour, another for producing grist and the one of the mills was used to produce plaster from limestone. The town took its name from the Samuel Owings Mills. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the mining of ore was a significant business in the area. Farming was also part of the area economy.


With a close proximity to Baltimore, a large number of Owings Mills residents commute to Baltimore for work on the Baltimore Beltway as well as on the Northwest Expressway. Residents can also reach Baltimore by taking the Baltimore Metro Subway which has a station located in the center of Owings Mills. Route 140 is one of the primary routes that run through Owings Mills.


Owings Mills is home to the headquarters of the Baltimore Ravens. Maryland Public Television studios are located in Owings Mills. Stevenson University is also situated in Owings Mills.

Numerous large shopping centers are situated in Owings Mills including Foundry Row, Mill Station, and Metro Town Center.

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Population: 30, 622

Median Household Income:  $72, 609 (2017)

Education (high school or higher): 91.9%

Median Age: 33

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